The Mobile Same Game

If you have a Java enabled color mobile phone you can now play your favourite game (wich is the Same Game of course) anywhere you like!

Currently there are several websites promoting this game. I have seen Screenshots of the Nokia 7650 which look very good. I'll come up with new graphics for that handheld soon. This version will first be available here.

If you are in need of an 7650 emulator plug-in for the J2MEWTK you can download one here.

Here is a list of Sites where you can download the midlet version of the Same game for free:

The latest version can be found here (you will need both files):

Todo DocletSameGame.jad The Java application description file for the Same Game
Todo DocletSameGame.jar The Java archive file

For installation instructions please consult your manufacturer's handbook. I cannot provide instructions for all the different mobile platforms this game will run on.

Last accessed: December 15th, 2002